NCD Joining Losant at IoT Tech Expo in Silicon Valley

Meet NCD & Losant November 28-29 at IoT Tech Expo

We teamed up with Losant to demo a complete IoT solution using NCD Sensors and the Losant Cloud!
Meet us at IoT Tech Expo NA on November 28-29, Booth 390, in Santa Clara, California

Learn how we can help you:

  • Accelerate time to market with code-free sensor data collection and aggregation
  • Extend our hardware capabilities to the Losant cloud
  • Ensure scalability Strategies that Work for your Organization
  • Prevent Failures, Save Time, and Reduce Costly Repairs

We’Re Looking Forward to Meeting You!!!


NCD Attending Staff:

  • Jacob Youngblood – Customer Support Engineer
  • Anil Bhaskar – Chief Technology Officer
  • Ryan Sheldon – Chief Executive Officer