Major Changes for

Thank You for your AMAZING Support!

First, I need to thank our customers who have been extraordinarily patient with us as we work to manage production during a global pandemic.  Like most companies, NCD has been greatly affected, and it has slowed our production considerably.  We have experienced the full gamut of problems from supply chain delays, shipping lags, and staffing problems like most businesses have had to endure.  Covid-19 has affected our company in more ways than I ever thought possible, and it has posed some serious challenges for us.  Most importantly, our entire staff remains healthy.  Unfortunately, our high-risk staff had to be placed on leave out of precaution.

Major Factory Floor Expansion

There is never a good time for a global pandemic, but the timing for us could not have been any worse.   We just opened a major expansion to our production facility and we are currently moving inside our building to make use of the new space.  At the same time, we have been working on filling orders while also working with less than half of our original staff.  To help facilitate faster order processing time, we have recently purchased new pick and place assembly equipment due to come online early next month.  We have taken delivery of our new high-speed machines which will make it possible for us to manufacture thousands of boards per day.

Order Delays Expected Between May 4th to May 15th

Please expect delays between May 4th and May 15th.  Our pick and place department will be working with Juki installers to upgrade our pick and place machines, stencil printing equipment, as well as a new selective soldering machine, high power air compressor, and a new Nitrogen Generator.  We will have limited use of our pick and place production floor during the upgrade process, this will cause some order delays during this time.

Thank you again for your amazing support!

Ryan Sheldon, ceo


We just added a much-needed 4,000 square feet of floor space, we are moving most of our production from the old building (in the distance) to the new building.

Beyond the double doors (right) is our new solder room complete with fluxing station, two wave solder machines, our new selective solder machine, and our ultrasonic cleaner.